Module 1 

Energy Healing for Self Empowerment

£250 including the manual, double sided chart and handouts and ongoing support.

 Continuing the Life Alignment healing journey, Module 1 is an addition to skills learned in Foundation Course Body Spin. Module 1 takes Life Alignment deeper with more body points and new processes, allowing a more profound emotional healing.

This three day course teaches how to use the procedures and tools of Life Alignment to release the energetic charges built up in the body from difficult experiences, increasing resilience and wellbeing and reconnecting to  our deep inner truths, bringing us back to who we truly are.

During the course you will learn

  • How to balance yourself
  • Balancing organs, glands and microorganisms
  • Balancing Body Circuits – communication between organ and glands via the meridians
  • Balancing Corpus Callosum – learning difficulties, memory and concentration
  • Spinal Balance
  • Emotional Erase procedure for : fear, self-destruct, suppressed anger, grief, rejected, separated, speaking out , suffocated, trapped, sub-ordinate, slave
  • Foreign Energy

The course will be both a learning journey and a healing journey and will include meditation to ground, connect and expand before working.