Everything you need to heal and claim the life that is destined to be yours is already within you. This simple but powerful message lies at the very heart of Life Alignment to help you do just that.

So many people feel unfulfilled in their lives, be it working in a soulless job, hanging on to a floundering relationship, suffering through an illness or injury that will not go away, or simply feeling a loss of direction. Life Alignment shows us that deep inside we know why we are here and how to manifest the life we want; we have simply forgotten that the power to change and make that happen lies within.

A Life Alignment session with a qualified practitioner will help your body and mind remember and put you back on the road to the destiny that awaits you. With a focus on the root cause of a symptom or condition, we can release negative beliefs and behaviours that are weighing us down. Often, people come to Life Alignment initially because they may be experiencing health problems. Life Alignment has tools to help uncover as well as address the underlying causes of these presenting issues. These are often Subconscious programming and belief systems that are inherited or learned from family or cultural patterns. Identifying these programmes gives insight into how our history has shaped us and influenced our decisions. As a result, the person can be empowered to forge a new direction.

Life Alignment can be like a laser beam to help one gain insight into the root cause of an issue which might be unseen to others and even ourselves, and strips away the narratives we have built around our painful experiences. Because this process is led via the client’s Higher Consciousness, resolution is rapid and deep; clients choose how often they want a treatment (or ‘balance’ as it is called) – thus making it an extremely effective yet inexpensive modality.

Clients come out of these sessions feeling more resilient physically, much less burdened emotionally and more deeply connected with the majesty of life as they face their challenges with new eyes.


Life Alignment gives us a way of re-aligning us with our authentic blueprint. The events of our lives that are imprinted into our cellular memory influence our emotional patterns. Life Alignment gives us tools to identify and gain a broader insight into these habitual responses. As a result, we can break free of the revolving door of repeating patterns and step forward into a new more integrated life path.

There is a place within us which can be relied upon for its innate wisdom because it sees a bigger picture. Life Alignment works with this inbuilt higher intelligence. It goes beyond mental concepts and reconnects us to this intelligence and our inner healing capacity. It helps us to answer the question “How can I use my gifts, my talents, so that I can better serve both myself and the world?”